C’est en Rouge by Kyara Villegas

Red. It is the passionate bonding of a love stronger than blood. It's kisses dipped in red, a sensation of warmth against familiar lips (such a sacred form of addiction). Red, so loud and almost deafening—it begs to be heard. Hot to the touch and eager to burn. The electric feel of her skin crawls within you.... Continue Reading →



ft. My Rose Gold Obsession Welcome back, my beautiful readers! I have a good ol' post for you today. Look at me, already being active for the new year! Coming onto WordPress and reading posts by the bloggers I follow really gets me inspired and motivated to write. So thank you to you guys for... Continue Reading →


Welcome, 2018... Happy New Year, everyone! I know I've disappeared for quite some time. I needed a break from writing and from my laptop in general. I had a lot of things to work on and think about. There was also a lot of people over at my house for the holidays and a lot... Continue Reading →


Hello, dearies! I know I've disappeared once again, missing a good FOUR days now. Before this month began, I had planned 31 posts. Enough for every day of the month in order to participate in Blogmas. I was super excited to share my love for this month and the holidays! Originally, I meant to write... Continue Reading →

╰ . °✧ BLOGMAS: DAY 8!

INTRO/UPDATE: Hey all! I know I missed two days of Blogmas! That was really not my plan and I was hoping to be able to keep up. However, I did have finals this week AND work on top of it so I literally lost track of time. I tried to post yesterday between a final and my work shift... Continue Reading →


'WOULD YOU RATHER...?' CHRISTMAS TAG Thank you to the creator of this tag Hello Miss Marie for nominating me! This is a brand new tag made by her and I am very grateful and honored to participate. Check out the original post here. THE RULES: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION/UPDATE: Hello lovelies! Today started out very Christmas-y and I'm happy to share the festive feeling with you all. I'm currently putting a pause on my studying to write and publish this post. I have a final exam for American National Government tomorrow! I also am still catching up on some past due College Algebra... Continue Reading →

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