Where are we going?

So! As you all may have guessed by now, I have no idea what I’m really doing with this blog. But, I wanna make it fun for me and for whoever might stumble upon it that will actually read what I post. Therefore, I am constantly trying to brainstorm ideas that I could use to spice up this blog. One idea that just came to me is a series that I have now decided to call, “Adventures with Key!”

Basically, instead of laying in my bed, watching Youtube and Netflix for 8+ hours, I can actually be motivated to go OUTDOORS. Yes!! I know!! Interaction with the world!! aHH! This cute lil series will involve yours truly, little ol’ me, exploring different places. By “exploring”, I mean that I now have a car & a license, so I can actually take myself places that I wanna go to whenever I feel like. I’ll take my camera with me, snap some photos, maybe invite a friend if I ever make any. So far, there are a few places I have in mind. My number one place is IKEA. Not only because I love going there and they have delicious but surprisingly cheap food, but also because there are people out there who have  never even been there?? Like I was obsessed with that place as a child and I can’t imagine not having ever gone. Literally the kid play place with the colorful ball pit was my version of heaven.

Anyway!! Stay tuned for the upcoming “series” where I visit the most mundane places and try to make them seem as exciting and interesting as possible. Mostly because that is all I can afford. Although I do live 45 minutes away from Disney, Universal, and other attractions. So who knows, maybe my adventures will expand to those places? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

( the featured photo was taken & edited by me. )

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