╰ . °✧ SERIES 002. COLLEGE W/ KEY.

My main source of stress!

School has always been my main source of worry. I get worked up over deadlines and assignments, on top of drama and relationships. Although, college has actually been way more laid back than high school, which is surprising.  It’s easy for me to keep track of what I need to do and get it done in a timely manner (a.k.a the night before).

This series is going to include something that I’ve been wanting to blog about for a while now: school. My college experience is off to a slow start but I’m pushing for it to pick up speed. The main thing I want to write about is the process of studying abroad! Being involved in a study abroad program has been my dream. So, I’m planning to turn my process into a series (part of “College w/ Key”).

The first thing I’m going to be talking about is developing the idea, deciding on a country, and visiting your study abroad advisers on campus. I made sure to visit the Study Abroad Fair that my school hosted, and talked to a lot of people there. I also picked up some booklets from different programs. The main destinations I’m looking at are: Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Norway. I know I can probably only afford one. My top choice is Japan, but I also have to figure out which program is the most affordable.

I’ll be getting deeper into it in the first episode of the series (as this is just the introduction), so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “╰ . °✧ SERIES 002. COLLEGE W/ KEY.

  1. Hi I just stumbled upon your blog and I just wanna say it’s kind of crazy because my boyfriend goes to ucf and also went to the study abroad fair. You’re most likely strangers to each other and your paths may never cross again but I think so often of all of the people I am in the same place with at the same time and I know it may seems super insignificant but a person who means so much to you was a stranger in a place that you may not have even noticed. Sorry for the novel. I’m weird…but love your blog!! Good luck in school!

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