So, as the title so bluntly states, I got a job! If you knew for any given amount of time, you’d know that I’ve been struggling to find a job since the fall of 2016. Yeah, about a year now. Just over a year, actually. Once I knew I was gonna move, I gave up on my search until I settled into my new city. However, for months now I’ve been applying to jobs with no luck at all. Since I still live with my mom, It’s not too big of a problem being unemployed. However it does leave me with the guilt of having to ask my mom to pay for certain things and not being able to pay for my own necessities.

Well, that has changed! Two days ago, a friend of mine posted a Target ad stating that they were hosting a hiring event all weekend. I asked her about the details of it and decided to go apply at the one where she works. So the next day (yesterday) I updated my resume, got dressed, sent in an online application, and then headed to the location. Immediately upon entering, there is a long table of employees signing in applicants. I went over and told them I was there for the event and they pulled up my application, signed me in, and gave me a slot for an interview. That easy! It was way farther than I had gotten with any of the other jobs I applied to.

My interview time was set for 11:30 and it was only 5 minutes till 11 so I decided to stick around and walk around the store. Because who doesn’t like to explore Target? So below I will insert pictures I took during my “adventure” around the store.

A subtle mirror shot…
So many pretty fall vibes!


I also took pictures of things I want to buy!
Not so subtle mirror shot.
The nicest decor here!
If I had $99 to spare, I’d definitely buy this marble accent table.
Dia de los Muertos.


Well, after I finished my small tour of the place, I got a text to go back for my interview! I quickly made my way over to the table again and was escorted by one of the managers to the back/office area. Target is definitely bigger than I thought it was! We went to his office and I sat down as he began the interview. I don’t think it took more than 15 to 20 minutes? The questions were simple to answer. Eventually he led me back to a waiting area in the office. I waited until he evaluated my interview with another manager. My friend who posted the ad that brought me there showed up and we spoke for a moment, so that was nice! The people seemed so friendly and kind that I was genuinely hoping to get the job, more than I already was.

I was polite, friendly, and showed my excitement to be there. It paid off because after another 15 minutes, a human resources employee took me into her office and announced that I was being offered a position! I tried to contain how absolutely overjoyed I was at finally having a job. I’ve got to be grateful, you know? Some people might say, “well, it’s just Target…” but honestly it’s better than what I would have settled for if I went on without a job for much longer.

Now, I am waiting to hear back from the manager for my orientation date, and am excited to begin working! This year, I’ll have money for the holiday’s and an opportunity to give back to those who have given so much to me. As well as finally being able to start saving for an apartment and start the life that I’ll be sharing with my boyfriend.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I’ll be posting again on Tuesday!

Thank you for reading ♡

With love,



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