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In the spirit of midterm season (and also distracting myself from studying for a test tomorrow), I wanted to share some “expertise”. I am a very lazy person. I don’t mean to put myself out there like that, but I won’t deny it (even though sometimes I do). I hate doing assignments ahead of time. I hate studying. I hate doing things that feel like an obligation. It just makes me not want to do it. School is extremely stressful because I tend to leave things for last minute, I have trouble paying attention/focusing in lectures, I don’t take notes, and sometimes I just completely bullshit my work.

So here’s how I get As and Bs in spite of all that (this is not really meant to be a guide for anyone, since everyone is different):

001. Procrastination. I tend to leave things for the day that they’re due or the night before depending on how much needs to be done or how complicated the assignment is. There were times where I completed a module at 11:50pm when it’s due at 11:59. I know… that’s bad. For me, knowing how close the deadline is seems to motivate me to do it because I know I don’t want to get a failing grade. I know some teachers/professors say you don’t do your best work last minute, but I don’t see how much better my bullshitting is gonna be if I did my assignment the week before? Sometimes it isn’t the best method because I might be in a terrible mood or something might come up that will interfere but I’ll have no option because the assignment is due that day/next day.

002. Finding Motivation. If you don’t have a reason to do your work, you won’t try. It’s that simple. Why bother when you won’t gain anything? For me, I make sure to always have my reasons in mind. A snowball effect, if you will. I start with small things that will build up to bigger things. Or, list the consequences. For example: … if I don’t do this assignment, I’ll get a zero. If I get a zero, my grade will lower. If I have a low grade, I might not pass the class. If I don’t pass, I lose my scholarship. If I lose my scholarship, I can’t pay for school. If I can’t pay, I won’t be able to continue attending. If I don’t attend college, I won’t get a degree. If I don’t get a degree, I’ll end up in a 9-5 that I absolutely hate and I won’t have a comfortable or stable lifestyle. Not to mention all the people I’d disappoint (boyfriend, parents, family, ect.) Your consequences/reasons might be way different from mine. That’s okay, as long as you have them.

003. Go to Class. This is pretty important? If you don’t go to class, you don’t even give yourself the opportunity to learn something. Unless you know for sure that you won’t gain a thing from going, don’t miss out. Especially if that class takes attendance and you get points off for skipping. You might need those points! I have a class that I tend to skip now and then because I don’t ever understand what is being discussed and I just have a hard time focusing in that class. I only skip because he doesn’t take attendance AND because he posts the class notes for every class online. Therefore, I won’t miss out on important information even if I don’t attend. Plus, it’s an easy class. For my other classes, I always attend. They do take attendance and they DO take points off for missing too many times.

004. Pay Attention? Okay, question mark here because I don’t really do this. I used to in high school and it worked really well for me. Now that I’m in college, most professors and/or lectures can’t really keep me interested. It might be the subject or the fact that it’s just constant talking? In one class, he passes out copies of the slides so you don’t really have to take notes because they’re already printed out for you? And for me, it’s hard to keep up with what he says so I can’t really take notes on his lectures. If you are able to take notes, do it. If you know you have trouble with using your phone, falling asleep, ect. then sit in the front. I do that in one of my classes and it really keeps me awake and off social media. I hate it but it works.

005. Stay Organized. This might be one of the biggest things for me. I always stay organized. I keep my calendar/planner updated, I make a to-do list so whenever a task comes up, I write it down. I keep my study/homework space clean. I recommend not doing homework on your bed. When I do it, I always get super sleepy. I also recommend the google calendar app! I originally had apple calendar cause I haven an iPhone but it just didn’t seem to have enough features for me? On google calendar, you can set goals, events, and reminders. It really helps if you want to create a habit, a daily to-do, or just use it as a normal calendar. I also use it as a planner for assignments to keep me on task. 10/10 would recommend.

006. Studying. One of the four horsemen of college. Studying until your existence hurts is probably commonly associated with student life. For me, I don’t ever study until the day before an exam/test/quiz. It’s just how I am. Part of the procrastination rule, I guess. I spend the whole day (if I’m up for it) or night studying for a test. Flashcards help me out the most if it’s that kind of test. If not, I just review or take a practice quiz until I have most things temporarily instilled in my brain. Permanent enough to last until I finish the test, but temporary enough to forget soon after. Just don’t overwork yourself and take some breaks (like I’m currently doing) in order to keep from getting too frustrated and just giving up altogether.


So thank you for reading! Maybe this will help some of you? I have to get back to studying (please help) but I’ll have another post out on Friday!

With love,sign


3 thoughts on “╰ . °✧ HOW I PASS CLASSES!

  1. A lot of these strategies are actually smart! You are procrastinating strategically to maximize efficiency or motivation—additionally, requirements may change as the deadline approaches, so procrastination can reduce unnecessary work. I agree that studying in bed is the worst—at a desk is better, and for my academic work, preferably at a PC with multiple monitors. Being organized will become more important as you get further in your college career or into the workplace—this is a good productivity podcast I would recommend especially for Mac/iOS users such as yourself.

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