I was supposed to post on Friday cause I’m trying to stick to a Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule! But this has been a really busy weekend for me. My friends came to visit me for the weekend and they live 4 hours away so we don’t see each other often. Sharon, who I’ve mentioned in my Confidence is Key part 2 post, was one of the friends and I was super excited. We really did have an incredible two days so I was very lucky to have gotten that time. Unfortunately it made me put off my blog for a bit and even today, making a makeup post was kind of a struggle because of how exhausted I was. However, I wanted to push myself to do it!

So on Friday night, I drove to Disney Springs while I waited for them to arrive cause they were still a few hours away and I wanted to be in the area of their hotel (so as not to drive so much so late at night). I love anything Disney but I didn’t really have the money to hang out at an actual park so I went to the next best thing. Disney Springs at night is seriously gorgeous. A perfect place for taking photos. Being there solo, it really sucked not having a motel to photograph, but maybe another time!

Candy Cauldron
Lots of sweets here!

This was a little sweet shop that was decorated very Halloween-y! Everything looked extremely delicious, I would’ve died for a candy apple! It smells so yummy in there and it really is such an adorable place.


A gorgeous fountain
Color changing!

They have lots of really pretty colorful lights and such which make for really gorgeous and vivid photos! I really enjoyed taking pictures here, especially since I haven’t been using my camera so much.

I’ve always wanted one of these balloons!


A bowling alley that I accidentally mistook for an ice cream shop…
IMG_2164 (2)
I tried to take an aesthetic picture.

I walked a lot because Disney Springs is mostly just a bunch of shops and such and there’s a lot to see and explore! Lots of pretty lights and there were some musical performances which I was going to post clips of but my internet is really struggling at the moment! They’re from Snapchat though so the quality wouldn’t be that great either way. Eventually I made it to my favorite place in Disney Springs, the World of Disney store! Literally it is HUGE and full of all things Disney! Heavily overpriced, but always nice to window shop in.


The only picture in this post that was taken on my phone!
A stack of mini Jacks!
Mickey Mouse pumpkins.

Disney Springs is really a nice place to enjoy alone or with family or friends. It’s a pretty place, and definitely I prefer going at nighttime. I went for my birthday last year and it was decorated so gorgeously for Christmas time! I ended up taking my friends there the next day and we took A LOT of pictures. Here is one I took of the robot gator!


And finally, pictures of me with my childhood bestie, Tigger. My favorite character from Winnie the Pooh.


Thanks for reading! I’ll try to give you guys some better content and stay on schedule from now on haha.

With love, 



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