╰ . °✧ CUT THEM OFF.

Separate yourself from toxic people.

I didn’t make a post yesterday and I should have. I went out with a friend and we played with puppies and my brain went to mush afterwards. Today, I had the opportunity to post this morning but I was dealing with some… stuff. Or a person, I should say. I figured it was a sign that I should make this post today. It was planned for a later date but somehow, I think today might be perfect.

The advice I want to give today is: let them go. Someone constantly dragging you down? Let them go. Constantly bringing drama into your life? Cut them off. Nothing but an endless stream of toxic vibes? Shut them out. It might be harsh and difficult and full of guilt-filled roadblocks. Or it could be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. But no matter what, your life will be much more wholesome. Why? Because you’ve eliminated a problematic person from your life. You’ve avoided continuous negativity.

I have never been good at letting go of people. Especially people that I love. It’s hard for me to give up on people because I constantly put myself in their shoes. I end up feeling terrible because I know that if it happened to me, I’d feel like complete shit. However, you will feel like shit if you keep trying to make something work when it clearly only harms you (emotionally and/or physically). Some relationships are easier to let go of then others, but don’t give up. You have to find a way out. It will only benefit you in the end.

The main personal example I can give you is my father. I was just like most little girls, idolizing my dad and putting him on a pedestal. He doted on me and spoiled me. He was always on my side, constantly supporting me. He defended me in situations where it was me vs. my little brother. However, as I grew up and started understanding life better, I realized he was kind of a scary person. I began to fear my father. He started to seem like a toxic person. I know now that most of the flaws in his personality were due to his bipolar disorder. But I think that’s just something that amplified aspects that were already bad. Going out in public with him would give me such bad anxiety. He was the kind of person who would easily get into an argument with strangers.

I’m not gonna go into detail with all the ways in which my dad is a toxic person. I’m not trying to justify my reasons for cutting him off. I know what they are, they make sense, others who know him agree. While it was and still is the most heartbreaking thing, I know that I am much happier now that I’m not dealing with the constant drama and anxiety he would cause in my life. There are still times when he will try to contact me, and the interactions are never good. Which only further proves that I made the right choice. I don’t hate him, I don’t think I ever could. Because no matter what, I will always remember the part of him that is good, and kind, and fun to be around. The part that loves me unconditionally. However, that part of him does not outweigh the reasons why he should not be allowed to continue bringing hardship into my life.

Therefore, if you know someone who is causing you to struggle or bringing you pain, think about it long and hard. Why should I keep this person in my life? Does the good outweigh the bad? What would things be like if I let this person go? If you decide to cut them off for good, let it be for good. Don’t ever invite this person back in again. Things will never be the same, and you shouldn’t want them to be.

I hope this post has been of some help! Thank you guys for reading. I’ve set up a curiouscat.me which is linked on my twitter if anyone has any questions to ask! Sorry if this post was a little short.

With love,



2 thoughts on “╰ . °✧ CUT THEM OFF.

  1. Thanks for this post. This has been on my mind a lot recently with someone in my life, and I keep thinking I can help change this person or make them grow for the better but the negativity keeps coming through.

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