A journal type post.

I’ve realized that because of how busy my life is getting, I won’t be able to stick to the schedule I’ve set for myself. Although most of my followers are bloggers and I think you guys understand where I’m coming from haha. I started my new job yesterday and I don’t hate it! It’s a strain on my body since I haven’t been so active in a while, but compared to my last job, it’s pretty great. The people are all super nice and welcoming. The guests are all understanding and nice so far. I do I’ll be quite busy from now on, though. The semester is coming to a close (which means more assignments, quizzes, finals) and now I have a work schedule. Plus the holidays are rolling in!

October is coming to a close and Halloween is tomorrow. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to celebrate cause I’ll be working. That’s why I dressed up and did a little photoshoot (of myself haha) to make up for it. I dressed up as Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service at first but then I ended up not liking the look so I went for a witch look instead (although I forgot the hat).

Here are a few of me as Kiki the Witch:


And the rest of just Key the Witch:



IMG_0881    IMG_0867   IMG_0880       IMG_0868   IMG_0845   IMG_0843




IMG_0836   IMG_0838   IMG_0839


And that’s all, folks! Have a happy Halloween! I’d love to know what you guys are dressing up as!

With love, 



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