Here I am again, posting on a Tuesday during my philosophy class. I should be paying attention or at least doing the math homework that I should have completed last night. I’m kind of in that place I sometimes get to where I’m heavily unmotivated. It’s a horrible feeling because I absolutely hate not being productive for too long. Making this post is the best I could do for now. It’s Halloween day and after class I’m going to be filling myself up with caffeine and getting ready for work. A lot of people on campus are in costumes and they have a pumpkin decorating area set up and it seems so cute and fun. I wish I had time to do one myself. I don’t remember the last time I carved a pumpkin? It’s such a nice day out too. I hate it when I can’t walk to class without sweating but now the air is crisp and cool and the sun is bright and the best way I can describe the weather is yummy.

Does anyone know where I can find a PLAIN red t-shirt? I need one for work and I went to countless Ross stores and Target and Walmart and the thrift store and several TJ Maxx’s and have yet to find a plain red tee. It’s almost ridiculous. I had to buy one of those school uniform shirts in the girl’s section of Target for work. At Target. Lol. Speaking of, I had my first day of work this past Sunday. It was pretty chill, although I’m not used to standing up for so long so I felt kind of exhausted and sore by the time I went home. The job isn’t super hard but I still feel anxious about going back today. For some reason I always feel like I’m gonna mess up somehow or I’m going to forget what I have to do and just look like an idiot standing around. But I’m still in training so I doubt they’ll leave me to fend for myself. Work is gonna keep me busy and I’m already seeing the downsides. My boyfriend is coming up to visit me this weekend and instead of having the whole weekend together, we’ll just have Saturday night and some of Sunday. Kinda sucks but it only makes me wanna make the most of the time. I try to remind myself that I’ll be making money now and I can finally help save up for our first place together.

On the topic of living together… I’ve noticed a current trend on YouTube? I watch a lot of YouTube couples and lately a lot of them have been buying homes (together and/or separately). I’m really shocked by the kind of houses they can afford? Has anyone else noticed this? I never thought YouTubers made enough to afford 5 bedroom modern houses but I guess I don’t know the half of it. Of course I get a little envious when watching the videos but I know one day I’ll be buying my first house. Hopefully in my mid-twenties like they are? But highly doubtful considering my future line of work. Also because I want to travel a lot before settling down.

I’m probably going to change my theme at some point. Once I have enough, I might switch to the premium WordPress plan. I was considering self-hosting but I much prefer the ability to simply click a “Follow” button and keep track of the blogs I follow on the Reader section. It just seems easier to stick to WordPress. What do you guys think?

Again, thank you for reading! I hope you all have a happy Halloween!

With love,



One thought on “╰ . °✧ A LOOK INTO MY THOUGHTS

  1. Finding plain T-Shirts is nearly impossible but check H&M and Forever 21’s basics section. I never watch people on YouTube–it’s weird to me? Lol but they do make a lot of money and I wish I were able to buy a house right now, too, but yeah right lol.

    I also prefer following and reading blogs that are hosted by WP. I’m so confused on other sites, I won’t even follow them.

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