Welcome November!

October has officially come to a close. As much as I adore the spooky season, Christmas time has always been my favorite. The winter has a special place in my heart, not just because it’s the season I was born in. However, October did have a good run! I started this blog on the 4th and am super proud to have made it this far. One month might not be an accomplishment to some, but I have left so many projects abandoned and unfinished. I’m so glad that I’ve kept up with this for so long, and hopefully much longer!

To start off the new month, I’ve changed my theme! I’ve still not gotten to the point where I can afford a premium WordPress, but so far I’m doing well with what I’ve got. I honestly don’t mind as long as I get to write. Eventually I’ll start upgrading as I go along. I would love to have more CSS & HTML control over the look of the site but that’ll come in time. I’ve still got so many planned posts that I haven’t had a chance to get to!

I want to eventually pick up the “Study Abroad” portion of my ‘College w/ Key’ series! As well as do plenty more ‘Adventures w/ Key’ posts! I am dying to go to IKEA and do a review of their food, snacks, and just do a really cool post about the store. I plan to get a septum piercing soon so I’d like to make a post about that and maybe talk a bit about my nipple piercings + why I took them out? I do want to get into blog challenges and such, I just don’t know which one to start with cause there’s so many.

I’m still trying to come up with more to post about besides just my daily life and thoughts. I could go into experience or do Q&A’s or a 50 facts about me? Whatever you guys are interested in reading, I’d be down to post! I do want to do more photography stuff and have more photo material to put in my blog posts. I’m kind of lacking in that area and I end up having to get creative with Photoshop.

I should get back to studying for my mid-term! Thanks for reading xx



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