╰ . °✧ HARD AT WORK…

Where I’ve been the Past 5 Days.

As some of you might have noticed, I haven’t made a post in 5 days. My work schedule has had me busy (usually a 4:30 to 12am shift) and this weekend, my lovely boyfriend came to visit. I try to make the most of every minute since I only get to see him about once a month (or sometimes every other month). I couldn’t find the time to put a pause in our 2 days together to write a blog post… but I have returned! My work schedule will continue to be hectic but I won’t let it stop me from updating! I have some blog posts set up that I will schedule to post this week!

I want to thank my readers for being patient with me and for being interested in this blog in the first place. I really do love writing and reading posts by my mutuals. I have a Mystery Blogger Award post in the works! I was tagged by both KymberleeFaye and CherishingFlo! Thanks to the both of you for that lovely honor. I will have that scheduled to post tomorrow sometime during the day. I have class (ugh) but I’m also going to my first club meeting of the “Don’t Shop, Adopt” club at my school and they’re bringing kittens! I’m super pumped.

On the note of school, I’ve been really slacking. I don’t know if it’s because my training week of work was taking all of my energy and attention, or if the fact that the end of the semester is approaching and I’m just getting uber lazy. Like not doing my homework till the week after it’s due kind of lazy. Since the class I’m really slacking on is online and there’s not really a deadline for assignments (just a recommended due date), it’s not too much of a problem. But I am missing out on bonus points that could really help my grade since I do have a C. I just really hate math.

With that update, I bid you all a good night! I’m off to do some homework and catch up on some YouTube videos. I’m still thinking about the wonderfully comfortable cuddle-filled nap I took with my boyfriend before he left. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day ♡

With love,



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