As some of you may know (if you follow my twitter), I have been trying to get my hands on the new iPhone X. I’m making a whole other post detailing how hard it is to get this phone right now once I actually have it. For now, I’ll just tell you that this morning was the third in a row that I have gone to my nearest Apple store, only to find that they’re sold out. They had gotten a new shipment last night and I went early as I could to wait in line. Yet not early enough, seeing as when I got there, the line was already in a ruckus over the fact that they only had a few left in stock and by the time they’d get to make my reservation, they’d be sold out.

I ended up driving 45 minutes to another mall, only to find that they had just sold out moments before I got there as well. Needless to say, I was frustrated and defeated. I wasn’t gonna let all the gas I had used up to get there go to waste by leaving right then and there. The only IKEA in the Orlando area was there and I decided that it was finally time to make a post about one of my favorite stores ever. I don’t think I’ve ever gone alone before (there might have been one other time but I don’t recall). I actually really enjoyed the trip.

I had only eaten two slices of plain white bread before I left the house (at around 9) and it was already almost 11 when I got to IKEA. I decided to start in there restaurant area so that I could try out their Swedish-American breakfast. Let me tell you… the restaurant prices are A-MAZING. My total (for the breakfast which included Swedish sausage, scrambled eggs, Swedish pancakes with jam, potatoes, AND a latte) was only $2.32! Crazy cheap for a whole meal, even a McDonald’s breakfast cost more. The coffee was free because I have an IKEA family member card, which I recommend EVERYONE to get because you get awesome perks and deals and the card is entirely free of cost. Plus it’s fun to apply for at the store on the machines. You also get free refills but I was too full by the time I finished that I couldn’t handle another cup.


Pictured above is my meal! The potatoes were my favorite. They were hot and yummy. My least favorite of the meal were the Swedish pancakes. It’s probably because the texture/consistency is way different from American pancakes (even though they look similar). They seemed kind of… rubbery? And the jam was sour-sweet which was not something I’d really like on my pancakes. It’s just personal preference, though. I ate the sausages, although they’re not at all like maple sausages (which I love) but they weren’t bad at all! Just a different flavor.  The eggs were good but I forgot to put some salt on them haha. The coffee was great too! I didn’t put enough sugar (I like my coffee sweet) but it was good enough to drink even without as much sugar as I like.


There was a couple standing in front of this menu so I couldn’t take a great picture but those are some the prices up there! The menu changes as the day goes on because they only serve the above until maybe 11 or 12 and then the lunch menu is put up until dinner time. I’d love to come back and try their lunch and dinner meals!

I finished up my breakfast and then finally got up to explore the store. I started off backward since the restaurant is kind of supposed to be the last stop according to IKEA’s little map. Essentially, you start of on the second floor, which is also called the “Showroom”. Basically, this is big furniture and demo rooms/living spaces (which are really fun to explore). I was mostly taking pictures of things I’d like (for my future home and things just for my current room). I talked to my boyfriend about what kind of color schemes we’d like but I don’t think we came up with anything solid. I really liked the “MALM” set, I noticed. Looking back at my photos, I took pictures of the MALM bed, dresser, and desk.

MALM dresser pictured in this pretty room.
MALM bed in white.
MALM bed in black.
MALM desk (badly photographed).

I basically took pictures of whatever looked aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion. I like the look of minimalist settings (plain white walls, simple white furniture). However, I also really like the look of metallic accents (copper, rose gold, gold). My boyfriend and I agreed that white wouldn’t be such a good idea though, cause of how prone it is to getting dirty. So after a while it’d just look nasty. I saw this beautiful set up where the wall was two-toned and I absolutely LOVED how it looked.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The whole set-up looked really gorgeous so I had to take a picture of everything. Here are some other ones that I enjoyed and might take inspiration from one day!



Now, I’m asking for an opinion from you guys with the next part! For a dining table, I’d be looking for something small since my next place will more than likely be a studio or one bedroom apartment for my boyfriend and I. So I was looking at these round tables. One is glass and the other is wood.

I’m not sure which one looks better? I mean I guess if we’re going for a darker theme, the glass one would look really nice. For a lighter or even muted theme, the wood one would be better. A basic black square table could be nice too, though. There were so many cool couches too!


In this one, I mostly liked the lights. So pretty!

I also found some really pretty desks that I’d like! I won’t post them here so as not to spam you guys with too many pictures, but they were all really nice. They’re super affordable, one even $80 and it seemed perfect for a small space and something simple. The next thing I want to show you guys, though, is this mirror.


Honestly, it’s freaking PERFECT! Major wishlist item here, to be honest. The lighting is super bright and perfect for photos. I’m not a beauty blogger but I do love makeup and I would kill to have a mirror like this to do it in. it’s not super expensive either, so maybe I’ll get it myself some day.

After spending an hour or so on the showroom floor, I finally went down to the 1st floor, which is called the “Marketplace”. Here you find the smaller things for your household. Lighting, organization, tableware, ect. Household “accessories” you could say. I particularly love this section because it has the stuff I can afford! Trust me, I had a lot more in my bag than I actually left with. I realized I couldn’t go crazy and put a bunch of things back and ended up only leaving with two items (more if you count the stuff I ate). There was a cute cat hideaway box-thing for only 5 bucks. I just figured I’d leave it because my cat would probably never actually spend any time in it. He prefers to run wild and then sleep right by my face haha. I was also going to get a lint roller and a trash bin, but I didn’t really need those things. The stationary stuff at IKEA was on sale, so I ended up buying a set of really cute square paper clips (25 freaking cents for a set of 50, y’all!) and a pretty notebook. The total was $1.32 for both items!


After paying, you end up in the actual marketplace area, where they have Swedish foods and a little bistro area that sells hot food. I always buy the 99 cent chocolate from IKEA but I didn’t this time for some reason. They have hazelnut, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. I definitely recommend them the next time you go!



At the bistro, I always get the cinnamon buns! I prefer the hot ones that they sell there for a dollar, but this time I bought a pack of 6 for $4 (they come room temperature) so that I could bring them home to share with my family. The prices at the bistro are crazy good too! $2 for the hot dog combo (which is 2 hot dogs AND a soft drink w/ free refills). $1 for non-fat frozen yogurt cone (vanilla flavor) which is only 50 cents if you’re a IKEA FAMILY member. It’s only $1.50 for the frozen yogurt vanilla sundae and $1 for a slushy. What’s even better is that all these prices already include tax! So no, it’s not actually, $1.75 or $2.15.

By now, you’re probably thinking this post is sponsored or something. It damn well should be at this point cause I’ve hyped up IKEA hella hard. It really just is one of my favorite places, since I was a little kid that was super fascinated by all the stuff and how huge the store was. Plus IKEA makes the store fun for kids and they have little games and stuff placed around the store. The only down-side is the stores aren’t very accessible to everyone, since they’re mostly in the downtown areas of major cities (this one is 45 minutes away from me)! I just hope you all get a chance to visit one at some point! They’re really great, but maybe that’s just me getting too excited over low prices.

I’ve gone on long enough in this post! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Thanks for your time and I’ll be back soon with another post ♡

With love, 



2 thoughts on “╰ . °✧ BREAKFAST AT IKEA.

  1. Wow I never knew that IKEA had food!! I’ve only been to one once when I was younger but I can’t remember if I saw the food? Now I wish I would’ve went there for my furniture shopping! I loved this post, Key! ❤


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