Hello all! So this is a very lighthearted post and just kind of an update and reflection. This officially the end of my second month of blogging and it flew by SO fast. Like in the blink of an eye, kind of? I know I didn’t post as much this month, but I promise I’ll make up for it with Blogmas!

I spent most of this month working my butt off. I spent a lot of money on Christmas gifts, although I don’t regret any of it cause I know how happy my family and friends will be. I got very distracted from school, which is not good. However it’s a common occurrence for me to kind of mentally checkout of the school mindset towards the end of a semester. Honestly a bad habit that I really need to kick.

I’m about to head off to class in about an hour, and have to finish studying for a test that I have later in my philosophy class. I also have to play catchup with my college algebra homework. I’ve been so behind and it honestly isn’t good, but me and math are like oil and water.

Tomorrow is the first day of December and I’m SO excited! I love December. It is honestly my favorite month of the year. I’m hoping to have a lot of fun posts out for you guys, one for every day of the month, if possible. My post for tomorrow was pre-planned but I’m not sure if it’s going to work out so I might have to switch around my blogmas posts to have something out for you guys tomorrow. But we’ll see!!

Thank you guys for sticking with me for another month. I promise December will be much more exciting than November.

With love,



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