Happy Blogmas, everyone! I’m writing this at 1 A.M. in sheer excitement and also because I’m not even a bit sleepy. I’m super pumped to get this month started and I swear a shiver went through me when I saw it was officially December 1st!

Originally, I had planned for this post to come out on the 2nd because I was hoping to have a Christmas tree by now, BUT things don’t always go as planned! Totally fine, because I prepared for such situations. I will be talking about the struggle of being a “first-time gifter”. I’m 18 years old (going on 19 in exactly 27 days now) and I have never had the money to buy my family or friends gifts for Christmas. I was always one to receive, but because of my lack of a job, never able to give. This year things are different! I have a good job and have been working enough to afford to buy gifts, but I honestly wish it was easier? No one told me you had to play detective!

I’m kidding… sort of. It was actually pretty easy figuring out what to get everyone. I only got gifts for my household, my boyfriend, and my best friend. So basically, the people closest to me. I’m not making quite enough income to get my entire family a gift, especially when I only see most of them once a year. Not that I wouldn’t want to if I could afford it!

For me, it was easiest to figure out what to get my younger brother. Video games. It’s all he spends his free time on, so I got him a game that recently came out. Although his birthday does come 5 days before Christmas, but I think a little birthday cash would be enough for that occasion. My mom was a little harder to figure out. I really didn’t want to buy the typical gift like perfume or lotion. However, my mom doesn’t wear makeup often and the last time I bought her jewelry, it ended up lost (not that I don’t plan on ever getting her jewelry because of that). I just wanted a gift with thought or meaning behind it cause she deserves it! Anyway, there’s this Dior perfume that is like her signature scent and she’s been wearing since I was a child. I think it’s lasted so long because she loves it so much and wears it on very special occasions. So I definitely knew that getting her a new bottle would be the perfect gift!

My boyfriends gift was decided as soon as I knew I’d have the money for it. He had been asking me for a Nintendo Switch (more as a joke, I think) for months. It was kind of a back and forth debate, cause he’d say he wanted one and then say that he didn’t. Either way, he was going to get one. Even when he guessed that it was going to be his gift and tried to convince me not to get it. Then it became another debate about whether I should buy it or not. In the end, I did buy it, and I think he’s kind of actually really happy that he didn’t convince me not to get it. I’m really happy too cause I’ve been playing on it and it’s a blast. I also got him 2 other gifts that I won’t say on here because unlike everyone previously mentioned, he actually reads my blog. Those are going to stay a pretty little wrapped up little secret until Christmas morning!

I got my best friend Sharon the new Fenty lipstick. I know she’s gonna look great in it! Now I know I titled this post “The Struggle of Gifting” but I made it seem like kind of a breeze. My struggle was wrapping the gifts. I never realized how hard it is to wrap gifts? I used to watch my mom do it all the time and she made it look so easy. However I tried to do it several times and it ended up a mess… and horribly wrapped, despite the gorgeous wrapping paper. I’m not sure it matters too much, though, since it’s gonna be ripped to shreds eventually.

I hope you guys can share with me what your gifting struggles were! I’d really like to hear about them! I know some people are harder to figure out than others.

I’d also like to tell you guys about a little segment that will be featured at the end of each Blogmas post (until the 24th). I bought the Nyx “Lippie Countdown” advent calendar! It was priced at $63 on Ulta but I got it on sale and paid only $30 (including shipping) so it was a great deal! Therefore, I thought it’d be cool to share the lipstick of the day at the end of each post.



Today’s color is MLS27 “Eden” and it’s a bright red/dark pink color. I definitely like how it looks, even though my go-to colors are darker or more neutral! It’s a semi-matte finish but it feels really buttery and nice on the lips. I’ll definitely be using this color more often.



Once again, thank you for reading! With much love,



One thought on “╰ . °✧ BLOGMAS: DAY ONE!

  1. That’s awesome that you’ve got everyone their gifts already!
    I yell at my bf if he reads my blog over my shoulder just because it makes me nervous for some reason but I wonder if he reads it when I’m not home.

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