Hello all! Sorry this post is coming out a little late. This one wasn’t scheduled early and I just got to writing it. My boyfriend came to visit me but today is the only day we get since he leaves in the morning. He’s taking a nap at the moment so I’m writing this post before I go back to cuddling him.

still have not gotten the Christmas tree so my schedule has been thrown out of whack. However, I’ll be making that post as soon as we get one. Today I will be talking about my goals for this month, and perhaps even a bucketlist of things I’d like to do (if not this holiday, then the next or the one after)!


  1. Follow through with Blogmas and post all my scheduled/planned posts!
  2. Get and decorate a Christmas tree.
  3. Get through finals week without harmful stress.
  4. Pass all my classes this semester.
  5. Visit Miami before my friend Sharon goes to New York.
  6. Take lots of nice pictures (especially with my boyfriend & my family).
  7. Gain at least 10 new followers, follow at least 10 new blogs, engage more!
  8. Go to Disney World.
  9. Take a picture with Mickey Mouse.
  10. Do something creative.
  11. Create a spending budget and STICK to it.
  12. Save money.
  13. Work on goals for next year.
  14. Be more productive with time.


I know it’s a lot, but these are goals that I am hoping to achieve this month, or to start working on this month. It’s good that I set these because honestly they were things I had in my mind but hadn’t put down yet.


These are not necessarily things to do this December, but in some future December.

  1. Go all out with holiday decorations.
  2. Go to a Christmas-y event.
  3. Dress my future dogs in Christmas outfits.
  4. Wear matching Christmas onesies with my boyfriend.
  5. Do a Brandon Woelfel inspired photoshoot.
  6. Drink cocoa and watch movies next to a fireplace (I really want a fireplace in my future home haha).
  7. Blast a Christmas playlist and sing along.
  8. Build a cozy fort.
  9. Play in the snow and build snowmen like when I was a kid.

Kind of your typical list of things, but I haven’t done most of these and I’d really love to! Maybe share what your holiday bucketlist is? I’d love some more ideas!


Today, I got a very nice nude color called “Soft-Spoken” from the Nyx calendar. It’s a nude that matches very well with me and I absolutely love it. It’s matte but also is kind of light so it doesn’t get terribly dry or uncomfortable.


The swatch on my hand makes it look darker than it is, but I took these pictures at 2am after I had taken off all my makeup so I didn’t want to put it on just yet haha.


That’s all for today! Thank you guys for reading and I’ll be back with a new post tomorrow! As always, with love,



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