Hello lovelies! Today started out very Christmas-y and I’m happy to share the festive feeling with you all. I’m currently putting a pause on my studying to write and publish this post. I have a final exam for American National Government tomorrow! I also am still catching up on some past due College Algebra work (ugh). I completed one exam today and thus have officially wrapped up my Intro to Tech for Educators class. By Friday, I will be officially done with my Fall semester. I’m so happy I got through it! My grades are good (besides Algebra) and I’m already enrolled in my Spring classes (except for Biological Principals which I am waitlisted for). I also received some packages today which have my new Colourpop goodies and the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. The Colourpop shadows are PERFECT for holiday looks so I’ll be doing a few look ideas for you guys down the road. But without further a-do, let’s get this Blogmas post started.


Today we finally got the Christmas tree. Originally, we were going to get a real tree but ended up getting a pre-lit artificial one. My family left before I woke up (work for my mom and her boyfriend, school for my brother). Today was my day off from work and school so when I woke up, I immediately was set on decorating the tree. Even if I had to do it all by myself!


I connected my phone to my TV (using the Samsung DeX) and put on the “Christmas Pop” playlist on Spotify. I started up my new Keurig (thanks to my boyfriend for gifting it early to me ♡) and made a cup of Peppermint Mocha Latte (its a Starbucks Limited Edition and I highly recommend it). I poured it into my cute Christmas-y mug and slid into my knee-high Christmas socks. Thus ended my preparation for the work ahead.


Our “decorated” couch and the (very old) tree topper
Some ornaments and other tree deco
A whole lotta ornaments

I finally got to business (distracted by some very passionate singing and dancing every now and then). I didn’t really have a “vision” for what the tree would look like. I just made sure to space the ornaments out and put on a bunch of random ones and made sure to add our traditional ones as well. It usually does look like a very festive holiday mess. I usually try to focus on aesthetics when it comes to my photos and my blog, but sometimes it takes the fun out of things. I really enjoyed just putting the ornaments on where they best fit and not worrying about how the overall look would be.

The Final Product
And Lit Up!

So there it is, our lovely tree. I’m quite fond of it, actually. It’s not the prettiest in the bunch but it was decorated with love and excitement haha. I would love to see pictures of your trees!

I also wanted to announce that I won’t be doing the Nyx Advent Calendar reviews at the end of each post anymore. They take up extra time and I don’t think I’m able to do it every time. I will most likely do a whole post on the 24th that shows all the colors in it and do a full-on review of the Advent Calendar as a whole.

I hope you guys keep up the holiday cheer!

With love,



4 thoughts on “╰ . °✧ BLOGMAS: DAY FOUR!

  1. Aww so cute! I’m glad you got it up and decided to just go wild with the decorations and ornaments!
    I’m sad you aren’t doing the NYX advent calendar at the end of the posts any more but I understand it takes up too much time. Can’t wait to see the full post of all of them. 🙂

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