Hello all! It has been an eventful weekend for me, for sure. Yesterday I spent the whole day with my boyfriend, but am proud that I still made a post. Today, I worked a 10 hour shift and I was working a holiday event at the store (it was very fun)! I’m super exhausted now but I still wanted to get a post out and stick to the plan. It might not be as photo-filled as usual because I’m just waaaay too tired (I’m sorry!)


Sticking to the list format of my last Blogmas post, I’m going to be sharing my favorite movies to watch during the holiday’s (which may not strictly be holiday related). I usually watch these around this time because December is a month full of nostalgia and I just end up rewatching childhood favorites, regardless of whether or not they’re Christmas-y!

  1. Elf. I watched this one with my boyfriend yesterday and it still is so hilarious to me. I just love this Christmas movie.
  2. The Polar ExpressThis one is a movie that I traditionally watch with my brother, who used to love it so much that he would watch it several times a week.
  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Definitely one that I have to watch either in October or December… and sometimes both.
  4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas. An all-time Christmas favorite, I almost always end up watching it during the holidays.
  5. Spirited AwayThis Studio Ghibli movie has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, but as a I said before, the nostalgic feeling I get in December usually brings me to watching this at some point in the month.
  6. Howl’s Moving Castle. I will take any excuse to watch this movie. It is my number one favorite and I will watch it any month of the year, at least twice a year. Especially my birthday month. It gives you such a warm feeling in your heart that I feel it is definitely the perfect movie during such a cold month (in places other than Florida haha).
  7. Any Disney Movie. I’ll end up going on a “Disney classics” marathon. Perhaps all the princess movies, Winnie the Pooh, the Lion King, ect. Just classics for when I’m in a big throwback feel.
  8. Mean Girls. Because honestly… why not?
  9. Selena. This movie is one I have seen many times and will continue to rewatch. The movie about Selena Quintanilla’s life, starring Jennifer Lopez, never fails to make me sob.
  10. Anastasia. Not a Christmas movie. Not a Disney movie. Definitely a throwback, and definitely a perfect December movie. I love this film and it’s one of the many that I have watched multiple times. Like more than I can count.

I definitely recommend watching any of these! Especially if you’ve never seen them before, or if you don’t remember seeing them. Unless you’re like me and you’ve seen one a dozen times over, I still suggest it with a cup of hot cocoa.


Today I got a really nice dark colored creamy lipstick. NYX’s SV06 (Simply Vamp) in the shade “She-Devil”. It is so soft and creamy and yet still lasts long. Although it didn’t survive through my greasy pizza meal, it wasn’t bothersome to reapply! I didn’t take any pretty photos of it but here’s a photo of me with my cute fox friend Georgie.


Thanks so much for reading today! And every time, of course. I really appreciate it! I’ll have another post out tomorrow, as I have a day off from work AND school.

With love,



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