╰ . °✧ BLOGMAS: DAY 8!


Hey all! I know I missed two days of Blogmas! That was really not my plan and I was hoping to be able to keep up. However, I did have finals this week AND work on top of it so I literally lost track of time. I tried to post yesterday between a final and my work shift but I passed out on my bed cause I was SO tired. I hope you guys can understand! I bring to you, however, a Christmas wishlist!


I’ve been taking a bunch of photos at work of things I want to get myself in the future! So I suppose I’ll use them on my wishlist because I have the hardest time coming up with an organized list of things I want. They all usually go into one big ‘wishlist’ bookmarks folder.

  1. Fox Body Pillow Orange – Pillowfort™



2. Black Chevron Stripe Comforter Set – Room Essentials™ or Gray Heather



3. Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates 24 ct

I keep seeing a whole bunch of these in the seasonal section and I can’t stop eyeballing them when I pass by, they look so good and I crave them!


I couldn’t find the same box online haha, this is the one I took a picture of!

4. This copper water bottle that I am unable to locate online.


5. Glass & Metal Vanity Organizer – Threshold™


6.  Raw Sugar Raw Coconut Mango Pure and Natural Bar Soap – 10oz


7. This black Starbucks mug that I also can’t find online.


8. Cambridge® Padfolio, 9.25″ x 7.5″ – Gold Corners


9. Post-It® Notes Cube, 3×3″ – Marble


10. Post-It® Notes with Marble Cover



That’s all for today, my friends! I will find a way to make up my two days of absence!

With love,



2 thoughts on “╰ . °✧ BLOGMAS: DAY 8!

  1. Aww, no worries about getting behind on Blogmas! Totally understand, you need your rest!
    Hope you get some of the things on your wishlist, if not from someone close to you, maybe you can get a few things for yourself. You deserve it! Those marble post-it’s are so freaking pretty!!


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