Motivating Myself for the Future

Long time no see, friends! I’m really starting to feel silly for ever even thinking I could post once a day this month. It has been an incredibly busy past few weeks. I have had no motivation or even time to write and post, but I won’t let that push me to give up on blogging. I will always find a chance to get some content published.

I have a long week of work ahead of me, and we are closing in on Christmas day. The year is slowly reaching its end, and that realization has been affecting me. I never really got a chance to make a reflection post on how my “first” semester in college went. Since I technically started in the summer, this was really my second semester.

It started strong and ended pretty weak and careless. I admit that once I started working, I prioritized my new job rather than my studies. I stopped caring about grades and got lazy with assignments and academic responsibilities. I passed 3/4 of the classes I took this semester, but I know that if I had focused and put more effort into the class I failed, I would have passed. I regret not trying my hardest since the beginning, considering I knew that class was my weakest subject and the most difficult for me to understand.

Yesterday, I motivated myself to set new goals and prepare myself better for the next semester. I want to pass ALL my classes. I want to learn something, and not just “get through” each class. I want to prioritize academics and not my job, which is temporary. I do want to get my degree and succeed. I can’t do that when I’m not even focusing on what is important.

I also took some time to consider the idea of investing and “passive income”. I want to make smarter financial decisions than my parents made, and I want to start early. I am finally making money and I know that spending it all (the way I’ve been doing) is not the most intelligent thing to do. I have to at least try saving money.

I have also been mapping out my future and actually considering what my life will look like with the career path I’ve chosen. I still don’t know if it is truly what I want, but that is what I’m currently working towards.

I encourage you all to take a moment before the start of the new year to consider the mindset you want to start this next chapter with. What goals do you want to strive for in 2018? What things can you do in the new year that will better your life in the future?

Again, thank you all for reading and sticking with me thus far!

With love,



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