Hello, all! I am back with another post. I know they have been sparse as of late, but things have been kind of hectic and stressful lately. I have put 100% of my effort and time into work and they scheduled me on my BIRTHDAY which really has put a downer on my mood. I’ve been doing everything to find someone to cover my shift, but it hasn’t been easy. I still have hope that I find someone before the day comes! I really don’t wanna be miserable that day when I planned to have an exciting day at Disney with my boyfriend, haha.

Onwards with the content for this post, then! I wanted to talk about all the joy and happiness and love I feel during the holidays. I haven’t felt it that much this season, but in the past, this time of year has always been my favorite. It was a time where all my family would get together and throw a bunch of parties. A time where I got to eat my grandmother’s pozole and tamales. A time where me and my cousins would beg until the very last minute to open our presents early. I loved this time of year. December’s in Chicago were magical.

December is also the month of my birth! My birthday is the 28th of December, and it is perhaps my most anticipated and favorite day of the year. WHICH, understandably, sounds a bit narcissistic. It’s not really about gifts or anything like that. It’s mostly because it’s usually a day that I can spend with the people closest to me, doing something special.

I love all the Christmas-y things in December. I love the exchanges of “Happy Holidays” between strangers. I love hot cocoa with marshmallows and the sight of a decorated and lit tree at night. I love corny, classic Christmas movies. I love dancing around in my Christmas socks, belting out Christmas songs. I love my warm Christmas PJs and my new Christmas onesie, even if its too hot in Florida to feel comfortable in either. I love shopping for Christmas presents, knowing that the person who will be receiving the gift is gonna be so happy about it. I love laughing and enjoying time with the people I love. Even though this year won’t be anything like that, I will still hold onto the memories of the times that it was.

Christmas is a very nostalgic and lovely time. I hold on to those past experiences because they were the most special of all throughout any year.

Thank you all for reading! I hope to hear your favorite things about Christmas!

Happy Holidays,



2 thoughts on “╰ . °✧ WHY I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS.

  1. I love Christmas too! The greetings, got cocoa, all of it! I also love the fact that everybody seems to be a little nicer on Christmas. A little sweeter and more charitable , even those who it is out of character for! It’s just nice to see how contagious the holiday spirit is! Great post!

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