Welcome, 2018…

Happy New Year, everyone! I know I’ve disappeared for quite some time. I needed a break from writing and from my laptop in general. I had a lot of things to work on and think about. There was also a lot of people over at my house for the holidays and a lot of stuff going on (like my birthday). I just didn’t want the pressure of making a post looming over me, so I put it off until the new year.

This is a great time for me to start fresh. It’s a great time for everyone to start anew, really. For me, it’s a chance to reboot my priorities, figure out my schedule, and stay consistent with things I care about. Like blogging, for example. And school. During the holidays, work was my main priority. I wanted to work hard and stand out from the rest of the seasonal workers to get a permanent job. I think I succeeded. Now, a new school semester is starting and I want to do WAY better than I did last semester.

I have my goals for this year written out, I have a plan started, and I’m going to stick to it. At least I tell myself that I will. The content of this blog is still unplanned, but I know what a lot of it is probably going to be centered on at the beginning of this year. Getting through another semester AND… Disney!

Yesterday, I finally got my annual pass for Disney. I’m super excited, because it does mean frequent visits to the happiest place on Earth! I’ll be going on lots of adventures (most probably solo but that’s ok) and trying new things. I’ll definitely be making plenty of posts about my trips, so stick around if that’s something you would enjoy! I also want to get back into short story writing, so I might start by reposting a few from my last blog and then writing up some new ones.


Again, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season! With love,



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