Picking Up My Annual Pass.

ft. My Rose Gold Obsession

Welcome back, my beautiful readers! I have a good ol’ post for you today. Look at me, already being active for the new year! Coming onto WordPress and reading posts by the bloggers I follow really gets me inspired and motivated to write. So thank you to you guys for making wonderful content ♡

I didn’t make a post about this, but for my 19th birthday (last month on the 28th), I went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom with my boyfriend. I had a few specific goals in mind. Ride the FastPass+ rides, try the NightBlossom drink at Pandora, get Rose Gold minnie ears, and just enjoy the day and the park. Most of that got done! I had a wonderful day, took memorable photos, and rode on all the rides I wanted (except the Pandora ones because a 4+ hour wait is ridiculous). I even got to try the Nightblossom boba drink and it was DELICIOUS. I still crave it, to be honest. It was a frozen, sour-sweet heaven in your mouth with passionfruit flavored popping boba. It was great, I highly recommend it.

On the downside, my boyfriend and I searched through every store and could not find the Minnie ears. Granted, I was a bit late to the game and they sell out extremely fast. I’d hoped that Disney would’ve restocked by then but that wasn’t the case. It didn’t discourage me! I knew that I would be back and eventually I’d find them. Honestly, it has become an obsession. Find the Rose Gold minnie ears, find the rose gold spirit jerseys. It’s kind of fun trying to hunt those “rare” items down.

2018-01-04 12.29.27 1.jpg
Entering the Magic

Yesterday, I went to Disney Springs. It was hideous weather in the morning here in Orlando so I waited until about 2pm to go because the sun had finally come out and the temperature went up a bit. It was still cold for Florida weather, though. I bundled up and took my 40 minute drive over. I had two goals in mind… get my annual passfind rose gold minnie ears. I wasn’t too confident about the latter and didn’t have any expectations. However, I figured it was worth a shot because I heard a few stores there had them at one point.

It was super busy that day at Disney Springs considering how ugly the weather was at the beginning of the day. Even though the sun was out at that point, the wind was still pretty nippy. Finding parking is never too much of a hassle for me though. I first made my way to “Ever After Jewelry Co.” because that’s where I heard they had plenty. They, unfortunately, did not. They were completely sold out, although I was told to keep a lookout on the Shop Disney Parks app for them to pop up again.

2018-01-04 12.29.26 2.jpg
Photo Taken by Me

After that, I went to guest relations to check into the queue so that I could pick up my annual pass. There was a 45 minute wait but they took my number and I was able to roam around a bit more until it was time to go back and get attended to. I made my way to World of Disney to ask about the ears. A cast member told me they were sold out everywhere and hadn’t been restocked since before Christmas. I kind of expected that, but at least I know not to go looking around anymore, for now. I have an inkling that they will be back out on the 8th for the release of the millennial pink MagicBands!

On lighter note, I did hear that Hollywood Studios has the rose gold spirit jerseys in stock, but I have a feeling they won’t be there anymore when I go on Saturday. I work today and tomorrow so there’s no chance of me going early to check.

2018-01-04 12.29.22 1.jpg
The Dress Shop!

After ending my search for the ears, I realized I was super hungry. I tried to find the most affordable place to eat in Disney Springs and ended up at a pizza spot they recently opened called Pizza Ponte. After getting a little lost, I found it and saw the “cheap” menu. Cheap at Disney is still expensive in my opinion, but I was starving. $7 for a slice of pizza, and I was kind of expecting it not to be all that big or satisfying. I was pleasantly  surprised though. The slices are pretty big and they are DELICIOUS. Very satisfying and filling, albeit a bit messy to eat. But I like messy foods.

After I finished, I started heading back to guest relations and got the message that it was my turn so I was just in time. A wonderful cast member from Japan gave me my pass and I told her about how I hoped to teach in Japan one day. She told me she used to teach English there as well and recommended a website for me to check out for when I’m ready to start my journey abroad. I love Disney.

2018-01-04 12.29.25 1.jpg
I’m Terrible at Painting my Nails

Eventually it was time to end my exciting day. I spend way too much time at Disney Springs as it is. I checked out a few more stores and bought a new trading pin (Maleficent!!) and then headed home.

2018-01-04 12.29.24 1.jpg
The Evil Queen’s Box for Snow’s Heart! I Want!!

It was a really great day (as is any in Walt Disney World) and I’m so super excited for this Saturday! It’s been taking my mind off of the fact that I start classes again on Monday… but we’ll talk about that another time.

Thank you all for reading! With love & gratitude,



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