Another Revamp.

Hello all! I am back once more with another update.

I have revamped my blog, hopefully a fresh look will get me more motivated to write! I finally am satisfied with how the blog looks. Luckily I’m no stranger to Photoshop or this would’ve been much harder.

This week, I’ve focused mainly on classes and getting assignments done. I still have a whole lot due Friday, but I’m using tomorrow as my day to get everything done. I’ll have the house to myself a while, so therefore I’ll take advantage.

My lovely boyfriend is also coming on Friday to stay for the weekend! I’m super excited cause it feels like we haven’t seen each other in FOREVER. Probably because January has been such a drag.

I’m trying to really focus on building up my channel and thinking of what kind of content to put up. I realized that I really have fun making videos, so I wanna try to do it more often. I think I might save up for the Canon G7x Mark II camera, since it’s a popular vlogging one and carrying my big heavy DSLR around isn’t convenient. It’s great for when I’m filming in my room but not ideal for vlogs, which I wanna start doing.

I’m also taking requests, if there’s any kind of videos or blog posts you’d wanna see? I’m not sure if anyone is interested on my POV of things, but the pregnancy post I made was pretty fun for me to write. It felt nice getting my thoughts out there.

Thanks a million for sticking with me thus far!

With love,



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