30 Day Blog Challenge: Day Five.

What are your favorite comfort foods and why?

I don’t have any special or unique comfort foods. Ice cream is usually my go-to. Coffee flavor is my favorite, but usually we’ll just have plain chocolate in the house. Chips are also my favorite. Hot cheetos or Takis, I love spicy things. I used to LOVE cucumbers with chili powder on it. This was always a favorite comfort food of mine. Now my family rarely buys cucumbers because I forget to eat them and they go bad.

Hershey chocolates with almonds were definitely a favorite. Then Snickers took the cake for best chocolate, but now I think I’m really in love with the Russell Stover Pecan Delight chocolates. Ever since my grandma gave me a box for Christmas, I’ve been craving them.

Another favorite comfort food of mine was pickles. I used to finish a whole jar in a week or 2. Now I’ll only eat one or 2 out of the jar and forget about it for months. I guess I grow out of a lot of food habits. Even ice cream was something I wouldn’t touch for a while, although I’m back on it again. Who could ever stop loving ice cream?

So for now, I’d say my favorite comfort foods are: chips, ice cream, and chocolate. In no particular order.


Thanks for reading! This wasn’t a very interesting one.

With love,



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